A Russian gold-mounted jasper turtle, Faberge, St. Petersburg, 1890-1903 originally in collection of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna



A Russian jewelled gold and silver brooch in the shape of a bumblebee Bolin, St. Petersburg, 1908-1917


Russian porcelain Easter egg

A Russian porcelain Easter egg Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, late 19th century

Coleman-ConsultingRussian porcelain Easter egg

Tankard and spoons

A Russian parcel-gilt niello tankard, Maria Semenova, Moscow, 1893 together with a group of silver-gilt and niello spoons marked MC, Moscow, circa 1890

Coleman-ConsultingTankard and spoons


Two Russian porcelain cabinet plates with military scenes Imperial Porcelain Factory, St. Petersburg, period of Nicholas I, 1828-1829


Nephrite frame

A Russian gold, silver-gilt and nephrite frame Faberg?, workmaster Hjalmar Armfelt, St. Petersburg, 1898-1908 originally in collection of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna

Coleman-ConsultingNephrite frame